Moneta-Labs BillboardMoneta-Labs Billboard

Work / Moneta Labs
Research lab exploring new mediums in the DeFi industry

Strategy / Brand Strategy, Messaging & Positioning
Design / Brand Identity, Social Media Kit
Digital / UI Kit, Website Design, Website Development

Moneta Labs is at the forefront of innovation, creating a blockchain company that operates in stealth mode. They focus on creating cutting-edge MEV (maximal extractable value) technologies with decentralized finance infrastructure. Aiming to optimize transaction sequencing and enhance overall efficiency within DeFI networks, they pursue research and research to implement novel approaches to tackle the challenges associated with MEV, unlocking new possibilities and opportunities for users. 

Moneta-Labs Screenshot
Moneta-Labs ScreenshotMoneta-Labs Screenshot

The Moneta Labs Logo

When creating the logo, we wanted to make a logo that would create brand recognition, serving as a strong representation of Moneta Lab’s brand identity. Drawing inspiration from the blockchain’s building blocks, we crafted a logo with a brick-like structure. The design symbolized blockchain technology's “block” aspect, providing a visually striking and memorable logo. 

The new logo became essential to Moneta Lab’s overall branding strategy. By incorporating the brick-like shape in their visuals indeed, Moneta Labs convey their expertise and industry knowledge of blockchain.

Logo Wpfavs
color palette
Vampire Black
Dark Jungle Green
Bitter Lime
Ghost White
Moneta-Labs Screenshot
Moneta-Labs Screenshot
Moneta-Labs Screenshot
Moneta-Labs ScreenshotMoneta-Labs Screenshot

The Moneta Labs Typography

In line with the company’s industry and in creating a cohesive brand identity, we took a strategic approach to font selection for the website. Considering the significance of the Matrix and its impact on culture, we sought to pay homage to its influence and transformative visual effects. We developed a font reminiscent of programming languages, drawing inspiration from the intricate characters and symbols associated with coding.  The choice resonated with our target demographic and added a subtle nod to the technical nature of the company’s offerings. By infusing the website with a Matrix-esque feel, we triggered instant recognition among visitors, establishing a solid brand identity.

Moneta-Labs ScreenshotMoneta-Labs Screenshot

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